Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Writer's Meet

 For close to a year now we have been meeting every now and then- me, Sagar, Pallavi, AP, Sheetal - to begin with and then Taher joined us and now we have Shadab. What started out as an informal group talking about films and stories, slowly developed into a cohesive unit. To begin with Taher worked on the pitch of 'If You Love Someone' but for the last two months we have been working on Taher's pet project, the wedding ring which seems to have caught the interest of some producers.

Sagar and Sheetal

The team (Taher calls it the Writer's Room) has been working on it and we have all realised that each of us brings something to the table. I believe writing for the screen or TV makes sense in collaboration where we have many ideas coming through instead of just one line of thought.

Me, Taher and Sagar

Akela joins us. There's always chai, coffee, samosa, egg puffs, bun maska and such stuff and the occasional meal. Or at times like last week it spilled over to a drink and some biryani. It is good fun. We hope to invite more people to the room so we can share more ideas in future. 

Until then!  

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