Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Cuttputlli - Movie

 Akshay really looks old - he cannot play 35 anymore - 45 and above would make sense. He's a struggling screenwriter in this movie, obsessed with serial murderers and obviously cannot sell his script (which is probably a romance) to anyone. He ends up taking the job of an SI thanks to his brother in law who is a police officer probably under suspension because he does nothing. Anyway Akshay finds himself a serial killer almost immediately after he joins and wastes no time in getting on the wrong side of a lady boss who barks order and spouts bad language and probably has a secret affair with her second in command. Anyway Akshay quickly establishes how serial killers work and proves it to the SHO who dismisses it and makes him buy stationery and cigarettes.But in the small towns of Himachal (lovely places by the way) a serial killer is killing young school girls by torturing them alive, gouging out their eyes and stuff like that, almost every other day.  We also have a child molester teacher. After sometime Akshay becomes the police force and all else seem to go home. Until he finds the killer who is pretty boring by the way making for a long and boring climax. I am wondering why I am wasting so much time writing about this movie so I'll stop.


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