Saturday, September 17, 2022

Thought for the Day - The Danger of Feeling Your Feelings Too Much!

 Everything in moderation they say. So it is with feelings. 

Many are accused of not having any feelings. I have some friends like that who are like stone and who do not seem to feel for anyone or anything. Some have feelings but they are excessively towards themselves and they exclude everyone else. And some have excessive feelings towards others to the exclusion of themselves. 

I guess all are bad because they are seem rather excessively imbalanced. I personally learned the art of feeling and expressing my feeling when I started writing I guess. I am putting myself out there and slowly it became easier to do that, be ok with telling what I felt, feel vulnerable. This enabled others to feel vulnerable and perhaps led to more authentic spaces. But the downside is that I began feeling way too much for the others at my cost. And this is a killer.

Feelings are either genuine or they are built upon. If we have a narrative that adds to the feelings they become much bigger than they are. If we can cut out the narrative, then the feelings are under control.

But then life is lived in that space between control and no control. So when I have to choose now between feeling my feelings or not, I guess I'll still go with feeling them. Perhaps the one difference is is whether one expresses them or not.

One can feel them and keep them within. They are still as authentic and as beautiful, uncorrupted by words and images.

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