Monday, September 26, 2022

Brahmastra Part One Shiva - Movie

 The tickets were priced at 280 I think - but seriously, even if someone paid me to watch this movie again I would not watch it. That said it was a lot of fun because a group of young kids came and they shouted their heads off with comments that reminded me of the good old Hyderabadi comments in the single screen days. The comments were more fun than the movie many times.

Anyway let's get down to business. There is an introduction to the sages and the astras and how the sages want to control the astras. Why these sages were such control freaks we never know but all they did was control everything and well, its not like they did a great job considering where we are today. Anyway like all secret cliques they form an exclusive clique over the years and protect the famous astras. Now for some reason three chosen ones are given three astras - a scientist who uses a desktop is given the vanarastra, an artist who looks like someone who runs a bar is given the Nandi astra and one Guru-ist (to rhyme with scientist and artist) is given some other astra (a small dagger like thing). 

Anyway a sexy villain lands up with two hunks and they beat the hell out of a cheeky scientist and perhaps take away one part of the Brahmastra that they are after. At the same time we have DJ Shiva who is an orphan with a sad story (his story gets sadder after he meets a clingy, controlling girl called Isha who begins to control his life from then on and ask him all sorts of information about himself that even he does not know). Anyway our boy gets visions when scientist goes flying off his penthouse (I am sure scientists would love houses like that) and knows who the killers are (he sees a news paper item next day). Ms Clingy (her pet line is 'who are you?' like she keeps forgetting I think) is there very conveniently and they rush to Varanasi where the artist's life is in danger from the sexy villain and he two thugs (who use all sorts of weapons but not at the right time - guns, hand fights, knives etc - but they are the type who take a knife to a gunfight). There's a terrific car chase (the only part of the movie that I liked) after the artist is killed and he falls off a cliff. But hey, fun fact - at least four people fall from heights in this movie and die - Scientist, Artist, Alia Bhatt and Tenzu (I might have missed someone). Anyway the journey now moves to Guru-ist who is AB and I so want him to retire now. He is assisted by five different youngsters who are probably interns at the Brahmansh which is otherwise filled with doddering old fellows (and one sexy old helicopter pilot in the form of Dimple). Anyway many things are discovered here and made sense of while the sexy villain (Mouni Roy, easily the best thing in the film) is trying to get the Branhamstra. The fight against the evil forces is in a small dagger that Guru-ist holds and a Chinese lighter that Ranbir holds (it does not always work).

By the end of it there are a lot of VFX which did not enthrall me or anything. If you see the poster above, its a bit like that. I was glad it was over. Unfortunately they killed Tenzu who has the power to hold up two full grown people in mid-air including a full grown sexy villain like Mouni Roy but cannot save himself from falling down a cliff - but hey, he must have decided not to work in the movie anymore and voluntarily committed suicide. Wise chaps these Tibetans. And hey, there's a Harry Potter interning with Amitabh Guru-ist who says nothing so guessing he will have a lot of work in the sequel. Anyway, I loved the kids in the hall and I feel my money got fully vasool thanks to them. Ranbir and Alia had zero chemistry which is also interesting. I'll leave no recommendation because by now its kinda clear but for those who are not sure, you deserve it.  

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