Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thought for the Day - Count your Blessings!

I kept hearing this phrase 'count your blessings' until I actually started to count the other day. I wondered how many people in this world actually bless me on a daily basis. The thought was triggered by this old Muslim lady at Greenlands traffic signal one afternoon. She knocked on the car window. I didn't have my usual bag of chocolates to offer her so I just fished around and found some change. I felt bad about offering her so little and even asked her if it was okay. She smiled, accepted those few coins and gave me a million-dollar smile followed by a wholehearted blessing. Then as the signal turned green I caught her eye again - she had moved ahead - and once again that brilliant smile and that blessing.
Kurumgad Island, Karwar

That got me thinking.

How many people bless me? I realised not many might because I am not doing anything really to help anybody's condition. My life is self-absorbed with only space for me. The people who get blessings from so many others, the gurus, the leaders, the employers, the good samaritans, are at least thinking about others, doing something for them, talking to them, giving them jobs, helping those in need, whatever.

I decided to change things a bit. On one hand, I decided to do small acts that will attract blessings (not to attract blessings but to do an act that deserves a blessing!). Clothes, food, books, a kind word, a smile, anything. I ask myself at the end of the day if I have achieved anything like that. I find that I am not able to do that on a daily basis, so I decided to at least pray and send good energy for all those I know who are in some distress - ill health, worries, financial troubles etc etc. I decided to give blessings, if I can call them that, through these thoughts every day, if nothing else.

All thanks to that lovely lady at Greenlands traffic signal who taught me a wonderful lesson. She gave me so much more than I could ever give her - that smile and that blessing. Thank you thank you thank you.

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