Thursday, December 19, 2019

The 5 am Club - Robin Sharma

The title says it all - get going at 5 am. Own Your Morning, Elevate your Life. The book is written in the same style that all Robin Sharma books have - a loose fictional story. In this book, an artist and an entrepreneur go to a life-changing workshop by someone called a Spellbinder and meet an eccentric billionaire Riley, who offers to teach them how to change their life. The book is about how they unveil this secret. The 5 am Club secret.

First, let go of mediocrity. Cultivate the Mindset, the Heartset, the Healthset and the Soulset - knowledge, emotion, health and soul.  Change is hard at first, messy in the middle but glorious in the end. To change their lives they must be aware of what distracts them from creative production, what excuses they are giving, how they must do what 95% are not doing and how when you feel like stopping, don't.

The four focuses are - Capitalising potential, Freedom from distraction, Personal mastery to train the best parts of us and Day stacking to improve 1% every day.

The 5 am habit installation
It requires will power, which is a skill. Like a muscle, it grows, when we stretch it. Recovery is important too, so don't overdo it. Be consistent, follow through and finish what you started. How you practice in private is how you perform in public

The 66 Day Process
One must look to go through the 66-day process to install a new habit. 22 days to destruct old patterns, 22 days to install the new habit and 22 days to integrate it into your life. Once you integrate it, your will power becomes available for the next change.

Pointers to habit installation.
Never install it alone.Get group support.
When you feel like giving up, advance.

The 20: 20: 20 principle
From 5-520 am - MOVE - Get moving, intense exercise he says, sweat hard, breathe
From 520-540 - REFLECT - Journal, meditate, plan, contemplate
From 540 - 600 - GROW - Review goals, read books, do growth-oriented stuff

Sleep is important
Between 7-8 - have your last meal, get off devices, isolate from over stimulation
8-9 - conversation, recreational stuff. read
9-10 - prep for sleep, gratitude, organise thoughts

10 tactics of successful people

  • TTBF - Create a bubble of total focus (5-6 - build your solitude)
  • 90/90/1 - for 90 days, do 90 minutes of work on one focused goal
  • Daily 5 - Create 5 victories every day, tiny targets
  • Second wind workout - have a second workout at the end of the day
  • 60/10 - After an hour of intense work, take a 10-minute break
  • 2 massages per week - invest in 2 massages per week
  • Traffic University - Use the time in your traffic well by listening to audio
  • Dream team - Delegate to a dream team all those activities you don't need to work at to get to your highest potential - trainers, etc
  • Weekly design system - design your week
  • 60 minutes student - study for sixty minutes

The twin cycles of elite performance are High excellence cycle and Deep refuelling cycle
The time you feel least like doing it is the best time to do it.

Set your GPS as joy. Follow your joy.

Billionaire Riley's mantras

  • To create magic in the world, own the magic in you
  • Collect miraculous experiences over material things
  • Failure inflates fearlessness
  • Use your personal power
  • Avoid bad people
  • Money is the fruit of generosity, no scarcity
  • Optimal health
  • Raise to world-class
  • Deep love
  • Heaven is a state
  • Tomorrow is a bonus, not a right

The idea is pretty simple. Get going at 5 am. Mornings are great for deep work. The 20-minute pockets of intense exercise, reflection and growth activities are what give you an edge. This is also the TTBF - The Bubble of Focus. To install this habit do it for 66 days. That is far as the main idea is. Then Robin Sharma gives a whole bunch of advice we have heard from others in bullets.

After the 5 am habit installation, I'd think it makes sense to practice the 90-day practice of devoting 90 minutes to the one big priority. A practice of 60:10 - taking 10-minute breaks after 60 minutes clashes with this but it's ok - take a break after 90 minutes. The daily 5 - having five small targets to achieve every day is a great one. It gets a lot of small stuff going. I tried that today.

Exercise two times a day - possible. Massages are what I haven't done, so let's see. A weekly design system is a great idea - will start with a daily system and then move up. The Dream Team is a great idea. Need to get going there.

Of the billionaire ideas, I realise that abundance is an inner game and am working on it. I realise that I am far from being a generous soul still in many ways - need to start being generous to myself. I am conscious of the miraculous things. There's failure - but to fail while trying something new is the key I guess. Growing personal power is something I am working on. Health is something I m working on. Deep love is also something I am working on. Certainly don't take tomorrow as a right. I know it's a bonus.

I journal, which is good. Distractions are certainly avoidable and I can do better.

Overall, the book could have been a 100 pages shorter and stuck to the main points instead of the story and the needless attempts at drama (like the entrepreneur's life being in danger from assassins which peters out in the end or the needles romance between the artist and the entrepreneur). Still enough to take away and enough to practice. Thanks  Robin bhai. Thanks Jaico.

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