Friday, December 27, 2019

Management Tips - Harvard Business Review

HBR is bringing out their wisdom in books. I saw several books - highly-priced - on leadership, management etc. I found this book 'Management Tips. interesting and picked it up.

It's short, one para tips for managers and leaders. It is split into three sections - Managing Yourself, Managing Your Team and Managing Your Business - each with about 50 tips.

'Managing Yourself' includes stuff like
Create a new vision
Take ownership
Take responsibility for growth
Learning mindset
Work on your weak areas
Be open to criticism
Schedule meetings with yourself
Manage your energy (breaks, thank, do what you love, reduce interruptions)
Keep it simple
Decrease tech dependence
Trust your Decision Making
Manage and find extra time
Increase your productivity (to do list, ist things ist, schedule time for non-urgent issues)
Prioritise work
Give up control
Beat burnout
Manage stress by facing it
Have fun at work
Take mini-breaks
Fire yourself (what would you do if this was your first day)
Decipher and achieve success
Learn from mistakes
Identify your unique style (your reflexive actions, compliments, confluences)
Become a thought leader
Remove your mental barriers
Craft the job you want
Develop your leadership brand
Become tomorrow's leader. 
Fire Yourself

Managing Your Team
Become an inspirational leader - be human, intuitive
Become a creative leader - coach, facilitate, gain respect
Lead confidently
Keep it simple
Don't be a bad boss - self-delusion, heedlessness
Be a both/and leader - try and achieve all possibilities instead of rejecting some
Don't be a martyr
Give people what they need - love, growth, meaning
Improve team performance - offer perspective, focus on success
Support team
Bring out their best - look for ideas from them, encourage openness, challenge them
Pat them on their back
Forgive but don't forget
Avoid unilateral thinking
Embrace diversity tension
Build a culture of trust
Resolve conflicts - team norms, shared agreement
Drive real change - joy, not fear
Assess behaviour, not results - separate them
Give better feedback - specific, timely, business-oriented
Explain, not just communicate
Be assertive
Develop a mentoring culture
Focus on what they are best at
Identify hidden talents - ask them their dreams, whey they prefer certain jobs, where they get complimented the most
Participate in their stories
Manage the stars in the team
Leverage the best people - push them to next level, let them shine, let them go
Gift them time and space
Lead and manage - both
Engage - ask questions
Give direction - don't assume, connect the dots
Don't cry wolf too often - they'll not take you seriously
Rid negativity
Battle change resistance
Align employee and company priorities
Don't assume they won't understand
Refocus on new strategies

Managing  Your Business
Assess change readiness
Create strategies with stories
Generate next breakthrough
Kill more good ideas
Involve front line in strategy creation
Take risks
Prep for crisis
Fail cheap
Stretch marketing dollars
Think like a small business
Tell your company's story
Define your purpose
Win hearts
Speak their language, focus on them
Attend to customer complaints, develop services that customers want

Though all ideas make immense sense, I liked a couple of ideas - one being the idea of 'Firing yourself'. The idea is to ask yourself what the next guy would do if you were fired right then. Then fire yourself and do that. This is what Andrew Grove did if I remember right. It's wonderful.

The ideas make a lot of sense. Needs practice. CEO's with a big fat head will not even see the wisdom in this while those with a learning and growing mindset will pick up specific areas and work on those. I felt that the information could have been more organised, at times it seemed like there were the same concepts coming up. More concise, specific order of things, better organisation would have helped. Come on HBR, pull up your socks.

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