Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thought for the Day - Fear of the Jinx

This young child, eight and a half years old, comes home with his mother and older sister. He was talking about how he would interview people, his grandparents. I asked him if he liked to interview people or liked being interviewed. He said he liked interviewing people. When asked why he did not liked being interviewed he simply said that he avoids the limelight because his mother told him he would get 'dishti' which is Telugu for buri nazar or merely getting jinxed by someone's evil eye.

It was such a well ensconced thought that I wonder how he would dislodge it. Would he always stay away from the limelight because of this dishti? Would he not be caught in the dilemma between the dishti and the desire and prodding to be successful in life? How to avoid the dishti if he becomes successful then? What other jinx do we need if we begin to doubt the process of life so much?

I could see the horror on the mother's face because she did not realise how the child had imbibed what was probably a casual remark. Casual or otherwise I am sure she did not want this outcome to mess with the boy's head. I sometimes wonder about the same thing myself - about exposure - especially when I first thought of publishing 'This Way Is Easier Dad'. But then why interfere with the process. Imagine if Sachin's mother had told him to stay away from the limelight. Each soul comes with its own story and it must be fulfilled. The positions do not come if they are not prepared - we merely have to accept it and be open to all possibilities. We don't need to actively derail it for fear of some unknown. For all we know, the unknown may not be a bad thing really.

In this case, some of the most empowering words I heard were those of Sean Stephenson - Never believe a prediction that does not empower you - he says.

That I think should end that argument.

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