Thursday, June 22, 2017

This Way Is Easier Dad - Book Launch in Pics

Some of the launch pictures.
The dramatic amphitheatre at Saptaparni
The stage is set

Friends from almost three and a half decades - Venkatpathy and I - after sharing bowling for MCC and Hyderabad - now sharing the dais

Chandra and Maadhurya

Sunnie and Varun

Foreground - Bharadwaj, Shrini and Sunnie
Background - Suresh, AP and Satish 
Anjali, Mansi, Sloka and Meghana

Q and A - Fielding questions

Ramana capturing a moment
The audience in the early parts - Bijju in the foreground
The amphitheatre filling up
Almost at capacity 
A nice moment when all of us laughed - Mona telling Venkatapathy to laugh 
Signing for an old new ball partner - Rajesh from All Saints

Parijatha, me and Anu
Junie aunty - ever so gracious and warm and full of love, mischief and affection, can't thank her enough
Suresh Babu - always has made it a point to be part of my book functions, gracious and humble
Kishore, Sridhar Narayan, Sunil Jyoti, me, Chanu and Vinod - Osmania - OUCE and OUCCBM
Sridhar Narayan, Anjali, Vinod and Kishore  - sweet
Joseph Fernandes, Venkatapathy and Jitu (I will grace the function, he said)

The back benchers - Suresh, AP and Satish in a relaxed mood
I love this moment - all four of us struggling to open the cover off the book
Post event
Meghana's father and the soft and gentle Prem Kumar (I will definitely be there)
Abhinay - who helps me so much with a smile and tons of energy

Vijay, Ramana and Pavan
Raghu - who compered the 50 Not Out show
OUCCBM turns up in support - Bharadwaj, Shrini, Sunnie, Ramana, Pankaj and Vijay
Suresh and I sharing a moment
Author of TopDriver, Naresh Raghavan and Pavan who played zone cricket with us from Under 15 till Universities

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