Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Cricket Learnings - Cricket and Caste

Yet another fun day at the cricket nets at MLJaisimha Academy. If bowling after a long time was fun, batting was even more so. I could sight the ball far better than earlier and enjoyed myself thoroughly. The idea was to keep a still head as the ball was being delivered. Then lead with the head (or the shoulders) and I realised that improved my contact with the ball far better. The other thought that I tried to implement was to watch the ball until it came on to the bat - as much as I could - and it certainly helped me from making careless errors, following the ball etc. Also helped time the ball better.

After the game we sat down to chat with Baig saab as we normally do, discussing the state of the game. There was some talk about the Kohli-Kumble rift and whether it was warranted, who was right etc. Then the talk moved into how some people like Kohli and his aggressive style. Some did not like it and well, you know the drift.

That is when a gentleman from UP leaned across and put forth his view that these days people from low castes were getting these high jobs and they are not able to deal with it. They have bad habits and practices and they never go away however high a position they reach. He was referring to Kohli - whose caste we don't know or don't care about - but which obviously this gentleman knows and does not approve of. I was dumbstruck. How did it come down to this? I wondered how this gentleman must be dealing with his colleagues, especially the lower caste fellows who might be polluting his precious environment. He will certainly favour those from his high caste over the low caste guys - whether the low caste guy performs or not is another issue - just the fact that he is low caste is enough. I wonder how many high caste mistakes he is likely to forgive considering the country pretty much ran itself through high caste people all through - or will he say they could not do enough thanks to these hordes of low caste guys we are feeding. Or like Hitler, I might not be surprised, if he thinks of wiping out these useless people. I also wondered how he expected his son to play with low caste fellows, or people from other communities, and still retain his purity. How would he play if he were by some chance to play under a low caste person?

Sometimes I wonder if we will ever think differently. If we will keep talking Hindu-Muslim, High caste-low caste forever and not look at people like human beings. But those are not the conversations we hear these days - we hear what is good for us to eat, what we should do to go back to the golden ages that existed way before the constitution did. The ages where the privileged classes did what they were privileged to do - basically kill any low caste fellow for daring to take pride in being human.

Maybe its not a bad idea to give children the choice to choose when they grow up to be as bad as we can get - and merely brand them as humans until then - irrespective of all that divides.

A new learning from the Sunday lessons.

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