Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Anjali - People Are Like Sponges

There was some talk about counselling recently and about "Dear Zindagi" and how the movie got the message across very well that it's not a bad idea to seek help when one is overwhelmed.

Anjali was saying something about a sponge so I tuned in to her.
'What about a sponge then?' I asked her.
She tried to get her words and thoughts right.

'Well people are like sponges. They take in stuff and become heavy with it,' she said  and stopped. Hmm. On track so far.

'Filled with bad stuff you mean?' I probed. 'Like dirty water.'
'No, bad and good,' she said.'Both can make you heavy.'
I had not thought about that.

'So, counsellors squeeze them, and all that stuff, good and bad, goes out of them,' she concluded.
'And they become light again,' I said. I could feel that lightness.


Good and bad can make the sponge heavy. Not necessarily only the dirty water even the good water when absorbed in excess can weigh you down. It's best to get squeezed every now and then in whichever way works for you, and get back to being light.

'Then you are ready to absorb stuff again,' she concluded.

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