Sunday, June 4, 2017

Anjali - The Painting Job

It's been a long pending project to paint Anjali's room. She wants a particular shade so I asked her to come with me to the paint store. The shop keeper showed me a shade card and she chose a dark one. The man said it would be too dark and could she choose something lighter. I could see her face lose a couple of shades right then. She just does not want to be told. The man lost of few points right then.
The Great Painting Project underway
I told her that the man was suggesting this light shade but it was finally her choice. She kind of conceded the dark shade but true to form picked something other than what the man suggested. Then the man put some stuff and mixed it in the machine that Asian Paints seems to have and voila our paint was ready. We bought a brush and some other accessories and headed home.
Very enjoyable - and messy
As luck would have it it was one of the sultriest days this summer and we sweated our way for the good part of three hours and managed to complete the job. Anjali was a perfect partner  - she took the lower half of the wall, painted it diligently, fetched stuff for me (papers, water etc). The end result was to her satisfaction I think.

But all in all, just doing the project with her and sweating it out was nice.  I like doing these projects with her.

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