Thursday, June 1, 2017

Groundhog Day - Movie Review

What happens when you wake up the same day same time in the same place irrespective of what you do that day? No consequences for all you do today - you wake up this morning again. Will you be irresponsible, will you be illegal, will you get tired or will you accept the exasperating situation?

A weatherman covering a small event on the 'Groundhog day' (where a groundhog predicts the weather) falls into a time loop. He wakes up every day to the same day and cannot change it whatever he does.

So he tries to throw all responsibility to the wind as there are no consequences for his actions anyway and he will wake up on the same day in his bed in that hotel. After trying all sorts of excessive behavior including binge drinking, one night stands and even killing himself he slowly tires of the daily grind and finds ways to better himself - learning the piano, ice sculpting and helping others. He falls in love and in this state of true love also escapes the time loop.

Bill Murray and Andie Macdowell play the lead characters in an intriguing 1993 movie.

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