Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Thought for the Day - The Fine Difference Between Ego and Self Esteem

Ego comes with a misplaced sense of excessive pride. With ego you could get caught, doing things you don't want to, digging your hole deeper and deeper and getting into situations you cannot get out of. You do things for others when you should not and let yourself down when you ought not. You are never the person you are and it never comes across to the others.

Self esteem comes with a healthy pride of oneself. It allows you to see the right and the wrong clearly, when to stand up for yourself and when to think of the other person. It allows you to keep things simple, honest and straight. With self esteem you are always the person you are because you have nothing to hide and it comes across to the others clearly.

Ego comes from a place of insecurity. Self-esteem comes from a secure place. Ego wants to control. Self-esteem knows there is no need to control because things are already under control. Ego compulsively reacts. Self-esteem has no need to react. 

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