Monday, May 1, 2017

Thought for the Day - All That Bothers You Is a Way Forward

All that bothers you is showing you a way forward. It is an indication that there is an area to smooth out. The fact that it bothers you is good enough to see what needs to be done to get back into the flow.

To be stuck means that there are two opposing perspectives to the same thing. When both are adamant about doing it their way, or that each is right, it will cause a stoppage in the flow.

How does one address this divergence, this stoppage, this clogged flow? What could we do to address the situation and bring back the flow?

Maybe we do not understand what needs to be done to move forward. In which case we wait until some enlightenment happens. Maybe we do not want to invest what it takes to move forward. In which case we are clear that what we want to give up which we believe is a fair price to pay for what is asked. Maybe its just our ego that makes us want to be right that keeps us from moving forward. In which case you keep the ego packed up and show up and let at least some flow to happen.

But a block is clear as light. One can see that things are not flowing. One can hit the block straight and want to pierce through it but it is too violent a solution. One can make the other point bend by using more force but this causes a lot of resentment because the other person is doing it against his will. Or one can lower the ego and move forward from another way. This way everyone is happy, gain some, lose some but move on.

To find the solution, to stop it from bothering you is the way forward. It addresses the issue at hand directly. What is at stake? What do I want? What can I let go? Where's the trade off? Once the answers to all these questions are clear we can move forward. The decision is made. Action can follow with clear purpose.

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