Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Physiotherapy: A New Mode of Rejuvenation - Dr. Jyotsna Nadgauda

I saw this slim 100 page booklet and read it after I heard good reports of Dr. Jyotsna Nadgauda, whose cryotherapy (application of ice) and balanced mix of diet, therapy, nutrition and rest have given relief to many. What caught my attention was the story of one person who was paralysed from waist down and who started walking in a period of four years after following her routine. And a smaller miracle of an aunt who was suffering from a severe case of arthritis finding complete relief from it after many attempts.

The book starts by calculating health in money terms and proving to us that health really is wealth. You just need a couple of health issues and an idea of how much it costs to repair them to realise that the body machine is actually worth millions or even billions. Briefly she dwells on how sometimes patients get disillusioned by not getting what they want from the doctor which is proper guidance, methodical check up, right diagnosis and suitable treatment. However one can get into trouble with a wrong diagnosis, improper diet, improper patterns of life and negative thinking.

The various types of Physiotherapy are discussed - Exercise therapy (assisted and non-assisted), Electro therapy (diathermy, Ultra sound, Ultra violet, Paraffin Wax Bath, TENS, HF), Massage, Hydrotherapy, Cryotherapy, Antenatal and Postnatal therapy, Sports medicine and Pediatric Physiotherapy. Dr. Jyotsna specialises in using a combination of therapy with cryotherapy or application of ice, nutrition, rest and other life patterns to provide relief.

Cryotherapy is application of ice for 15 second intervals which reduces pain and motor impulses with the contraction due to cold. Gel packs are normally used. The ailments that she treats are arthritis, therapy after accidents, back ache and spinal problems (15-16 causes for it), cerebral palsy among others.

There is a section in the book which advises right posture to get off the bed, to life things, to work at the computer, drinking water etc. There are simple exercises given for general fitness that can be performed in a chair (neck, head, palms, feet), mat exercises (feet, pelvis, back, heel, wall push ups), for varicose veins (moving ankle, heel raise), for vertigo (eye movements, convergence etc). I propose to start these exercises right away.

The book is an introduction really, gives a fair idea for maintenance and enough information to know that physiotherapy especially her brand of cryotherapy is an option. Certainly those in pain and those who have given up on all other options (like my aunt) could consider meeting her because the stories in the book and those I have heard, are very positive and encouraging, some of them from doctors themselves. It's good to see people like her making a difference by experimenting with her skill and knowledge and finding simple solutions for pain relief and for improving quality of life when all other options appear filled with pain killers, surgeries and blank looks predicting end of days.

For a copy of the booklet one can reach the publisher Utkarsh Prakashan, 685, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune - 411004, 93710 20495.
The book also gives contact details of Dr. Jyotsna Nadgauda - one can call her on 020-25532479, 25537958.

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