Saturday, May 27, 2017

Anjali - The Dog Series

Our recent travels brought great joy to the resident dog lover Anjali. When in Pune we met Ashu whose two dogs Rocky (a huge German Shepherd) and Perry (a most loveable Golden Retriever who would put his paw in Anjali's hand and insist that she hold it forever).
Hold my paw please!
Anjali had a great time with them both.

Communing with Perry
In Pune again, we met Milou (a French version of Snowy from Tintin I believe), another frisky golden retriever.
Now Gauri's house has a huge yard and Anjali ran all over the place with Milou bounding about behind her.

Back in Hyderabad she met Topper's dog Rossi, but really unique and almost human like in his reactions.
Rossi and the Sunriser's fan brigade
Rossi is a playful chap who likes to be fed with a human hand and apparently refuses to eat and even starve himself if that human hand is missing. Incredible chap.
At peace
Pretty nice. Anjali and her dog escapades. She actually managed to take the huge Rocky out for a walk as well. 

Is it that there is more love and kindness to animals for these kids or am I just noticing it now? Anyway seems to bode well for animals and humans and the earth if we have kinder souls inhabiting it in the coming years.

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