Thursday, April 12, 2012

You Can Heal Your Life - Louise L. Hay

I read this book many years ago and reread it again two days ago. It reads like a breeze. And if there is one book I'd advise every one to keep at home, it's this. (I like the first line of the Foreword written by Dave Braun who says that - 'if I were cast away on a desert island and could have only one book with me there, I  might well choose Louise L. Hay's You Can Heal Your Life'). A cancer survivor, a rape victim and a survivor of an abused childhood, divorced parents, Louise Hay makes immense sense as she writes candidly and clearly about how one can heal their life and its many parts through her personal experience. It's wonderful how simply and easily she manages to convey so much in so few words. I know many who read this book like a bible, referring to it, reading it for new insights every now and then (and I do think its a good idea too, now that I have read it again and found it vastly more empowering than the first time). It is one of the major bestsellers in the self-help space with millions of copies sold, and is a small precursor to her workshops that help empower millions. Louise Hay cites from personal experience, from her work with thousands of people and puts across strong arguments on how to live our life in an empowered state and not as a helpless victim.

Louise talks of how everything that happens in our life is an outpicturing of our thoughts. If we want good experiences we sow good thoughts or rather positive and empowering thoughts. If we keep sowing scary, sad, depressing, resentful, guilty thoughts - we reap similar life experiences. She explains how our beliefs are formed early in our life from what we see and hear and how these childhood beliefs shape our thoughts and how these thought patterns guide what happens in all areas of our life - health, relationships, work, prosperity - everything.

But she does not leave you there. She tells you how its only a thought and how a thought can be changed and how by constantly replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones (positive affirmations is one tool she gives among many others) you can create or recreate your life in an empowered manner. From reconstructing health (she survived cancer), wealth, relationships to all things in life she has all the answers. Its a fantastic book that is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity, its wisdom and in its empowerment to everyone.

The book opens with some points of her philosophy, which in itself are good enough to give a fair idea of how to get by in life smoothly.
1) We are each responsible for all of our experiences (the good, the bad, the accidents everything!)
2) Every thought we think is creating our future (awareness can help catch the thoughts early, watch those thoughts)
3) The point of power is always in the present (the past has no power nor the future, let them go)
4) Everyone suffers from self-hated and guilt (reassuring?)
5) The bottom line for everyone is 'I am not good enough' (need to work on approving ourselves, supporting our lows)
6) It's only a thought, and a thought can be changed (hugely empowering)
7) We create every so-called illness in our body
8) Resentment, criticism and guilt are the most damaging patterns (to let them go would create loads of space for good stuff to come in)
9) Releasing resentment will dissolve even cancer (she should know)
10) We must release the past and forgive everyone
11) We must be willing to begin to learn to love ourselves (this is the toughest part)
12) Self-approval and self-acceptance in the now are the keys to positive changes
13) When we really love ourselves, everything in our life works (that's it)

Louise says that the whole world suffers from the 'I am not good enough' syndrome. And to correct this she says we need to constantly remind ourselves that we 'approve of ourselves'. In fact she says if we go around telling ourselves that we approve of ourselves despite everything, we could just about start seeing the shifts in our life. She talks of the dangers of criticizing, of how we must be our own biggest supporter, how we should shun resentment, guilt and criticism and all things negative for our own good. There are wonderful short chapters on relationships, work, success, prosperity and the body.

But where the book can really help the ill is in the section with the body. She has an exhaustive list of mental patterns which can lead to dis-eases in certain organs (and one can see the connection). And she provides alternate thought patterns to replace the old pattern that could have caused the dis-ease, to fight the dis-ease mentally (while the body fights it physically with other medical aids). Her argument is that even if we cure the dis-ease through medicine, but fail to change the mental pattern, we could as well get the dis-ease again.

Louise Hay's book is hugely empowering. It's something that could be taught in schools, at homes, everywhere, to get people to get a proper perspective to life.I have attended her workshops many years ago and it is a hugely liberating and empowering two days (and very intense as well). Easily one of the books that changed my life. Get the book and keep it. Your own copy. And if you can - do the workshop.

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