Friday, April 6, 2012

Thought for the Day - Life WIthout an Audience

Imagine life without an audience. No one is looking at what you do. No one is clapping. No one is likely to even comment on your existence. No likes, no comments, no shares, no articles, no tweets, no emails, no messages. What would happen to our life if the audience was just not there? If no one even bothered about you and your existence at all? The whole world.

For one thing, there would be much finer awareness. There'd be far lesser inhibitions (no one's looking at you remember). We'd probably be far more in tune with our relation to the world around us in real terms. We'd find it easy to do things we like and discard things we don't like. We'd express ourselves only to the extent that we need to. All drama would go out of the picture - there are no reactions to be had from drama. No one would even look at you if you cried, or even died. We'd stop feeling sorry for ourselves and just move on with life, with what we can do and what we want to do. We'd just look for our own approval. We'd be much more calmer. We'd do things with a sense of purpose, a sense of love. We'd just enjoy the moment, enjoy the act. Life would be one meditation.

If we did not invest so much with our audience, we'd be far more at peace I'd think. You and your action, without the audience = peace. On the other hand there would be no facebook or twitter (what's the point in putting up stuff that no one is reacting to). Social media would die.


Rajendra said...

An interesting thought. Such conditions are really there in remote places. Easier to meditate perhaps. But doing it in spite of the noise is indeed tough.

Harimohan said...

Yes. But worth keeping in mind I guess. So we have a better quality life.