Monday, April 30, 2012

Super Stuff Cameron White - Good show Deccan Chargers

I simply loved the way the Deccan Chargers defended their paltry total of 100 yesterday against Mumbai Indians. This was an intense game and nothing stood out more in it than Cameron White's aggressive captaincy. The way he handled Steyn was exceptional. A short leg and a slip - now that's what the premier fast bowler in the tournament needs  - and not being saved up for the 20th over as Sanga did. Dinesh Karthik went just because of that short leg. And if Amit Mishra had held on to that catch and bowled a decent over at the end - DC could have toppled a tense looking Mumbai. Time Mishra got his aggression to show at the right moments.

Super stuff Cameron White. It was one of the most intense games I watched this IPL. And where was this kid Ashish Reddy being hidden all this while? He was fantastic and so was that other fast bowler Veer Pratap. After a long time I am looking forward to a DC match again. They are finally showing some appetite for a fight. And high time too. Whatever happens don't change the captain again.

Funnily DC always gets its captains wrong. Like making VVS the captain in the first year which was quickly rectified when they got Gilly, but by then the damage was done. Its not the reputations fellows - skippers are a different breed - and you can spot a good one a mile away.

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