Monday, April 23, 2012

It's an Ad, Mad World - Sexing up the soft drinks

Saw two hot ads for two soft drinks with two sexy sirens sexing it all up. Kareena going 'pyaas badhao' with all the wrong intonations and intentions and Katrina making out with a Slice bottle in the fields. What's with this? I cannot imagine anyone drinking both soft drinks normally after seeing those two ads. It definitely adds a lot more than just a soft drink angle. Gives one much to think about. Also am waiting to see more soft drink ads.

For example the suicidal Mahesh Babu and his gang that jumps off planes and buildings in their quest to do something toofani - and drink some Thums Up. I'd think one would be better off off running in the fields or motivating young cricketers like the two hot women mentioned above. And then we have the young lad who skateboards (or whatever that board is called) down the face of a dam with water flowing right behind him in the Mountain Dew ad. Now where is this soft drink in the market? I see the ad but not the soft drink. I am sure a small nice market exists of people who drink that soft drink though. Not for me lads. Too much effort to drink a soft drink and too much danger.

What are the ads doing the rounds for Pepsi, Coca Cola? Ahh the Ranbir Kapoor and cricket and football one is one (which one is it - Coke or Pepsi? See there is a problem of too much advertising - we forget who is doing what to what.) I always get confused with these two because they are doing too much advertising ... hey wait, that cute little ad of a boy and a girl sharing a Coca Cola...hmmm I got that right (I hope).

I need to keep my eyes peeled for more. But for sure Kareena and Katrina got me going. One thing in their favour. You can't ignore those ads. Nor the brands. It's another thing if you don't feel like using that product.

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