Monday, April 16, 2012

Thought for the Day - Act First, Think Later

Act first. Think later.

It is better to trust your instinct (and develop your instinct) so you act spontaneously. All the training you've had, your beliefs, your values will guide you to rightful acts only (for the concerned moral brigade) - so you need not worry about the act. If anything, the spontaneous act will make your act a pure one.

Practice acting on your thought. Right on cue. You can think about it later. Buy the flowers, Stop the car. Go for a walk. Dive into the pool. Sleep under the tree. Buy that thing that catches your eye. Say what you wanted to say. Do what you wanted to do. Take off. Spend time with your family. Give a compliment.

Do not think first - and use that thought to postpone the act. The act gets corrupted and all the fun goes out of it. Most times the act does not happen at all as the thought stops it - by getting in the way.

All success comes out of action. The moment the mind is tuned to act, as opposed to postponing the act, you are in a good space.

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