Friday, April 20, 2012

Thought for the Day - What is failure anyway?

When we take the label of failure off it - it makes everything easier. Okay we did not perform as well as we could have - but we did something didn't we? We showed up. We learned something. That is not a failure.

If you are the type who wants to measure it, it is a lesser amount of success. It is your chosen amount of learning for that day. (Everyone need not eat tonnes and tonnes right, we can choose to eat how much we want!)

Suddenly, when the label is taken off, everything seems okay. We are in a safe space. There is no danger of slipping a bit and getting hanged by the label. Sometimes for life. The fear of failing is gone. Choose your own route to success.

Similarly taking the label off 'success' helps a lot. It gives you a lot of freedom to enjoy 'success' the way you want to.

Get the labels off fellows. It takes a huge pressure off you.

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Rajendra said...

In personal life, I agree 100%. Branding theory thrives on this type of labelling, though, and might take a hit if your theory takes off.