Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thought for the Day - The Uncontained Thought

The best way to deal with thoughts, (the hard, non-productive ones)  that scare us or put unnecessary doubt in our mind especially, are to leave them with no boundaries. unchain them, remove the hard boundaries they have in your head in the form of opinions, beliefs and judgments. Once you free the thought it ceases to have any charge, any power over you. No judgement, no opinion, just a stray thought flying about.

It makes it much easier on the mind than having thoughts with boundaries that could take up much space and cause friction. The boundaries, having been set by you, will require you to defend them. Else they are just stray stuff. Liberating.

Try this. In moments of stress (like bowling the last ball of the match and need to give only two runs or batting and need to get six runs or dealing with a stressful presentation and similar situations) leave the scary and non-productive thoughts out to dry with no boundaries. They are not yours, don't form an opinion, judgment or belief about them. Free and open, they flutter about and fly away or about. Life can get very peaceful once you give up responsibility on thoughts that don't matter, at that moment. And when the moment of reckoning comes, the lack of clutter will help in bringing that extra amount of awareness and clarity to execute the action well.

It leaves you flowing like water. Weightless thoughts, like cotton, with no boundaries. Thoughts that are hard (opinions, judgements, beliefs etc) are like rocks. When you flow like water, you find more opportunities, more joy and more peace.

Life does appear simple.

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