Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thought for the Day - 'Forever' is Only for the Moment

Much of what we carry or commit for, especially stuff that has a long term nature, sounds overbearingly heavy. Jobs, relationships, people, commitments, illnesses, fears, beliefs. It appears like a huge burden to carry the stake of being responsible - for things that we have done or things that we have not. The memories stay with us forever. The commitments stay with us forever. Naturally the burden and the guilt and resentment also stays forever. We bend under their weight until we can take them no more. We lose the smile on our face. We lose much more than that. The road ahead seems long. Forever.

But 'forever'?

To me it is only this moment. We can give that responsibility, that experience, that commitment, everything we have - only for this moment. We are responsible only for that moment. Once it is over we need to move on to the next moment and see how we deal with it. Situations change, people change, experiences change. Deal with the new moment fully when it comes.

Not from the old moment and its 'forever'.

What this can do is give each moment a 'forever' freshness. That one moment will feel like forever if we deal with it anew. The good is enjoyed and let go. You cannot sit there 'forever' thinking of how good those times were. The bad is felt and let go. You cannot kill yourself with all the bad things you did 'forever'. It was over and done with in a particular time, space. Good and bad again are your labels, stuff you carry 'forever'. If you only look at the act, it is just that. An act. Neither good nor bad.

If you do tend to stick to your memories and perpetuate your 'forever', you are stuck in time. In your past. You are not flowing. You are not being true to forever. Let go of those past memories, past moments and come alive to this moment. They are dead and gone. Create that forever this moment. See how the moment stretches when you live in it fully, when you engage with it fully. This is the real 'forever'.

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