Sunday, November 27, 2011

TV Shows And Us

Watched a few television shows on and off recently. One that I liked because it amazed me that a cookery competition could be interesting was Masterchef Australia. I liked the way the judges were, they way they handled the contestants and the respect they gave each one as an individual even when they flouted rules etc. It was an interestingly packaged contest and I enjoyed it. I also find and appreciate the way food is made and served these days.

But the Indian Masterchef gave me a lot of stress. The judges were like headmasters and were constantly threatening the contestants by their superior position and knowledge. In fact one episode when I watched a rather elderly contestant get all hassled with their constant goading and severe reprimands was quite stressful to watch and I walked off before I got a heart attack (that contestant looked like he was having one surely). I am not a big fan of this show. The judges need to tone down, treat the contestants more respectfully and be less in the face.

What I do watch with a sense of amazement is the Big Boss which houses all the dysfunctional people in the world. From rapists, to dacoits, to murderers, to the most ill behaved and ill brought up people in the world, we get to see the worst sides of everyone there. And I pity them, the audience, the makers of this show for making this show and for parading human nature at its possible worst emanating from a bunch of ill equipped people to handle that. I wonder where it will go, this show and the thought behind it.

But one channel that I doff my hat off (if I had one that is) is Ceebeebies, the kids channel of BBC which makes such wonderfully educative and participative content for kids that it has just taken over the mindspace of Anjali my 4 year old from the Cartoon networks and Pogos. Instead of the kiddy violence and cartoon stories which add nothing, Ceebeebies, has them learn, dance, move, do things and I wonder how they can do that. How does this channel make kids so interested in watching an educative program at the cost of cartoons like Tom and Jerry. Definitely kids know what is best for them, a lot more than adults. Maybe Ceebeebies should have some programs for adults too!

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Vetirmagal said...

My grand daughter , two years, is addicted to it. She simply reels of the names of the animated images, and knows each and every show.I just shake my head in wonder, how can they capture a child so effortlessly, and interestingly!