Saturday, November 26, 2011

Story Idea - The Person Who Has Many Deadlines

Okay this is a half baked story as ususal but the general theme runs like this. Mr. Hero is rushing to catch a deadline he has, half way across the world. After much hardship he meets the object of his deadline - a beautiful, ex-celebrity he always admired - but one who has fallen into a lonely and sad life. He tells her of his love for her and they both have a good time and he movies on. And then to another deadline and so on and on. He meets some, he does not meet some, (the insecurities of the stars), some are non-celebrities, some are relatives, some are old friends, some old enemies, but he makes an attempt to meet everyone (One strain could be if he met all the people he hated or hurt - man that would bring on the drama).

Why is her meeting everyone? Because he has been diagnosed with a terminal disease and he realises that the only ay to survive is to forgive. But the race gets hotter as he gets worse and realises that the hardest ones to forgive are those closest to him, his family and himself!

Of course he gets well miraculously (doctor's drop jaws and he makes a call to his superior and says 'this is unbelievable') and so does everyone of the people whom he meets. And I hope so does everyone who sees the movie and reads the story as well. Alls well and that ends well after all the hectic running around and meeting strangers and people you hate!

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