Friday, November 4, 2011

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway - Susan Jeffers

Read this interesting book that I had with me for many years now. But it so happened that its time had come and I packed it along with me on my recent trip to Bangalore. Dr. Susan Jeffers, who has been through a lot in her own life, quickly brings up the main issue that fear is what stops us from doing many things in life and thereby stops us from fully living. She also says that everyone feels the fear - only people approach it differently - and thus get different results.

She slots fear into level i, 2 and 3 categories and what we need to concern ourselves with is level 3 which pretty much is - I can't handle it. The biggest fear then is that we cannot handle things and that is what stops us. If we can get to a stage, develop our ability, where we feel that we can handle any thing that comes our way, there would be nothing to fear about! Worth thinking. Just thinking and being in a stage where you tell yourself that you can handle whatever comes up is the biggest way to get past fear.

From affirmations which work on the mind to actually doing little things that help us grow past our fears of failure, success, rejection, Susan Jeffers gives many tools to handle fear. She suggests we are better off pushing through fear instead of being helpless and paralysed by it - which is a sure way of never getting past it. She says we can hold fear to give us pain (helplessness, depression, paralysis) or power (choice, excitement, action).

Susan Jeffers gives many tools and thoughts from various sources as she urges the reader to do everything to get over the fear and find one's true potential. In fact the book goes way beyond what the title suggests - from support groups to a balanced life to saying YES to life as it comes to giving to trusting and loving to a higher purpose, she covers the entire gamut of living a wholesome life itself. It makes a lot of sense and makes one feel all the more empowered and take a few more risks, be a little more alive. Certainly worth a read - it's easy to digest, has clear concepts and is well presented.


Rajendra said...

Fear and laziness are both major reasons for not trying/doing things, I think.

Harimohan said...

Raja, I think so too. In fact I think laziness is more a factor of fear and lack of desire. I somehow tend to believe that people are not inherently lazy (watch them do things they love doing and that settles it), they either fear the outcome or the effort or suffer from complete lack of desire (which could point to fear at a deep enough level).