Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Inox Experience

Went to view a movie at the Inox theatre in GVK One today with my four year old. She has just got the basic story of Ramayana and was keen to watch 'Srirama Rajyam'. So we both went to see the movie.

The ticket counter is outside the mall, but we could not park there for the ticket as the hundred or so security guys waved us away towards the parking. I could not do any stunt like hopping out and buying the ticket in a tick either. Anyway we passed by two sleepy bomb checkers who somehow let us through and then having realised their blunder came charging behind our car, banging on the dicky et al. I stopped and realised that they had forgotten to do their check at the appropriate time and wished to do so. We then went round and round in a circular ramp to a well organised parking lot. They have three levels so it is important that one remembers which level you are on else you may have to search all three!

From the parking to the lobby we took one lift. From the lobby we walked out to the front of the building, bought the tickets, got frisked and searched again, and returned into the building. We took another set of elevators and went up to level 3. From there we had to walk around to one side and after another thorough frisk and check we were let into the movie watching area. The screens were spread all over and we went searching for ours. Since there was some time we bought the most expensive french fries ad pop corn we'd ever bought - Rs. 65 for 100 gms he said!

All excited we got into the theatre and found our seats. Anjali could not sit in hers because the seat was so wound up that it would not settle down under her 4 year olds weight. She preferred to sit on me. And then began the show. First they played the trailer of a gory, violent movie which must have scared all the children to death. The sound was extremely loud, the visuals bloody. Thankfully it got over and then the movie started. For some reason the Inox guys could not get the sound right. It was way too loud even for me. Anjali sat through most of the time with her ears covered with her hands. The entire spectacle was intimidating and I was glad when Anjali started making her escape pleas 45 minutes into the show. Come on guys, get your act right. You charge 150 bucks a ticket and promise a great movie experience and then you assault our senses till the senses scream to run away, or get numbed, or scare little kids so they go away. Can't you guys get it right, basic things at least, like the audio?

We exited soon enough and encountered another child who was being coaxed back into the theatre. As we went out, we found a chap who held on to a chain to stop people from exiting early. I told him we would like to leave. He confirmed that I would not return and then insisted on collecting my tickets. I asked him why - I had paid 150 bucks and at least deserved a receipt, my part of the ticket, a souvenir. He told me that in the world of Inox, if you decide to leave the premises, you can never return, for that show. Once you exit, you are banished until you get another ticket and enter their portals again! So you give up your proof of having been at that show, your receipt and go away. 'Rules sir,' he said. Fair enough.

We walked around the periphery and got back to the elevator somehow. It took us to the lobby where we had to get off and then we walked to another elevator that took us to the parking. At the parking we shelled out 20 bucks and exited.

Would I be rushing back to see movies here? I doubt it.

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