Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Story Idea - Dead Man Live Man

This is a story of two people who land up to find some solace, maybe at a sanitorium of sorts. One is a young man who wants to commit suicide and the other is an old man who is terminally ill but desperately wants to live. The young man finds that the old man desperately wants to live to ensure that his wife and kids are taken care of, his things settled, and would do anything to live. The old man finds out that the young man has almost nothing wrong with his life and is committing suicide simply because he failed his exams and his girlfriend has ditched him. They spend a night together where they talk.

The old man tells the young man how he would do anything to get the young man's life, the one he was willingly throwing away, without knowing its value. The young man is interested and wants to know what the value of his life is. That starts the old man on his story of love and hate, of longing and parting, of beginnings and ends, of passion and deceit. He tells the youngster he will fund his family if he could find a way for the old man to live. (Here I am thinking we could have an angel of death joining them who has the power to switch their life spans if they wanted.) But as they tell each other their stories, would they really want to switch?

By day break, the old man understands that his life is over and he must move on, and the young man understands that he must face his life with more optimism. Dustin Hoffman as the old man and someone appropriate as the young man!


Rajendra said...

Story mein dum hai.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Raja. Figured if I keep thinking up a number of such plots, a few should be okay.