Saturday, April 27, 2019

Voting Season

So we are back to the voting season which means we get to see pictures of people's fingers. This is exactly the syndrome we are seeing now - go to vote, put photo, go to work, put photo etc. The voting storieI heard or saw are interesting.

For Ramu, our istriwala, it was a party. Fellow must be some 70 but he got nicely drunk on all the parties that were thrown in his village prior to voting. Don't know what he did but he seemed quite happy about the partying. His wife was not.

Kabir went for a day from Mumbai to Baroda to vote which was nice. I read in the newspapers that a Goan boy comes all the way from New York to Goa to vote. Our voting at Hyderabad was pretty simple and organised. However this time the parties or the candidates did not seem to care too much for us - no one asked me for my vote. Not a single guy. They seem to have it covered without it.

My friend Chandrahas came to Hyderabad to do a piece on the voting season. God knows what happened to his piece.

The story of my 89 year old mother in law is interesting. She is enthusiastic about everything so I asked her if she had voted in Pune. I was surprised to hear that she had not. I asked her why she had not. 'The voting centre is a bit far. But that's not the problem. We have to wait for half an hour and I don't have the strength to do that. What is most difficult is that the centre is on the second floor. I cannot climb. So I did not go.' Her younger sister Shashi maushi who lives next door and Baburao, Shashi maushi's husband who are also around that age also did not go to vote.


Second floor? No lift? Half hour waits for eighty plus year olds? And no one is bothered about it?

I am getting this feeling that just like mine, even their votes are covered. I do not subscribe to the fact that they should ask for help etc etc. I think that the state should provide them the facilities, if there is some way, communicate with them. Instead of telling us how valuable our vote is and asking us to vote, reach out to people like them and tell them how they can vote. How come the state can reach out to them for taxes but cannot reach out to them to communicate about their vote?

Anyway, another election done.

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