Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Book Chor - A Book Outing

So Shobhs saw this article somewhere about the Book Chor event near Lakdi ka Pul. It's an interesting concept. There are a whole bunch of books on display - not first hand but did not look used either - probably remainder copies. only condition, the box must close so it can be taped. The venue was Vasavi function hall opposite Sensation theatre (Meera for my vintage people!) at Lakdi ka pul.
You buy boxes for 999, 1499 or 2599 and then you fill them up as much as you can, provided the box closes. Take away any title, as many as the box can carry -

The crowd amazed me. Families, kids, youngsters, old people all sprawled all over the place, carting away loads of books. The focus, the need to get the best books was written on every face. Some just sat down on the floor with their books all around them. Lovely to see.

We split up. The collection was really good, can easily fill up boxes. I got a few Bill Bryson's, a Ben Elton which I later shelved, an autobiography of Sir Alec Ferguson, some funny books, Sophie's World, Shobhs picked up some and Anjali picked up a Pooh, Kipling's short stories, a thesaurus and stuff. Box filled we went and got it taped and off we were.

Nice experience. I am sure we would have got the books for a better price in the second hand market at Abids but this was an experience - it was charged unlike the lazy saunter at Abids where the more seasoned campaigners like Vinod go. They know they will get that title next week if not this week, unlike here.

The title is apt. We got away satisfied with our loot!

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ranjani.writer@gmail.com said...

What a lovely concept! I would've loved to be there.