Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Age is Just a Number - Ajji Get her Passport Renewed at 88!

Anjali's grandmother in Pune, Dr. Nalini Nargundkar is 88. When we went to visit her recently she showed no signs of wear and tear. She was up to receive us at 3 in the morning, offered to make chai, made a thousand plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner, pulled out snacks and sweets and fruits and generally tired us all out with her activity.
Card games! 
Her routine is still the same. Gets up early, does her yoga and pranayama, has her coffee, walks into her garden and picks up those beautiful white flowers, watches news on DD, does not miss the daily horoscope on some Marathi channel and so on. When the bell rings she is first off the blocks to get it, wants to do everything herself. She lives alone so she probably got used to it.

Twice or thrice a week a gang of four members comes home and they all play bridge. I have seen many of her partners over the years and they have a jolly good time. She yells at her partner after every game. She loves doing puzzles, does not give up on those ever. She reads Mills and Boons and Agatha Christies. She wants to learn every new therapy she undergoes. She teaches stuff to Anjali - cards, Marathi etc.

There are her favorite Marathi serials that she watches, and she is very interested in the IPL games. A few years ago she told me her philosophy about the house - The house if there for me, I am not there for the house. So she keeps it the ways she wants it.

The other day she was telling Shobha that she needed to go to get her passport renewed. The rest of us were amused and Anu asked her where she was planning to go. 'If I feel like it, I need to have the passport no?' she said. She got the passport today.

If there is one thing I would like god to give me a bit of, it would be this spirit of hers. way to go Ajji!

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