Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Anjali - Back, The Ego is Back

I was telling Anjali how I gave her letter to the Park Hyatt people so they could in turn give it to David Warner. 'I never asked anyone for an autograph but for you I put my ego aside and gave your letter,' I said. She had written a letter to her favorite Sunrisers cricketer Warner and instead of posting it, I decided to drop it at the hotel reception since I went that way.

'If you won't do it for me who will you do it for?' she asked. I agreed with her and proceeded to tell her that I would not do this even for myself blah blah.

'Back,' she said and chuckled.

'What?' I asked.

'Nothing,' she said.

I continued on how I never asked anyone any favour.

'Back,' she said again and chuckled.

'What's this back, back?' I asked.

'Your ego is back,' she laughed.

So it is.

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