Monday, April 8, 2019

Eating Wasps - Anita Nair

A bunch of people land up in a resort called Near the Nila. All of them have stories as we would expect them to have. There is a remnant of a dead person with whom we start, in the resort and this dead person Sreelakshmi tells how she committed suicide back int he day when she was a lecturer and a well-known writer.

People who join up at the resort are a woman who is dealing with an abusive lover and is trying to escape from him, a badminton player who has left the court on the verge of winning her most important victory, a young girl who is an acid attack victim and is not ashamed of it, an abused child and a few other characters. Sreelakshmi, the writer has in her childhood eaten a wasp thinking it to be a bee (thinking bees carry honey) and comes with a formidable reputation.

They find some closure, some more than others.

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