Monday, April 8, 2019

Goat Days - Benyamin

Originally written in Malayalam and translated into English by Joseph Koyipally, 'Goat Days' is a true account of a person Benyamin met. Benyamin worked in Bahrain for 24 years as an engineer and returned to Kerala to write. Goat Days is banned in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

It is the story of a young man Najeeb from Kerala who goes to Saudi Arabia in search of a job and hoping to secure a future for his young family. An unfortunate turn of events causes him and his co-traveller Hakeem to be taken by an Arab on a mistaken identity. Their hopes of working on a construction job turn sour as they realise they are taken into the desert to work as shepherds in the most hostile of conditions. How Najeeb escapes the desert and survives to tell his tale is what Goat Days is all about.

Once again proves that no drama matches real life. Nice read.

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