Monday, April 8, 2019

No More NRI - Ranjani Rao

Slim book at 50 pages. It begins with Ranjani making a call to return to India after 14 years in the USA. Then the post-decision issues with people giving advice and then the pangs of actually leaving America. I really liked the chapter on the last bag of rice - the part when they are buying groceries so they just about last till they leave and it captures the feeling so well. The book is full of such insights.

Then life begins in India. Now jobs, family, traffic, IST all of it seems to need adjustment. Then they slowly settle down - the family of three into their new life in their old home. Lots of small details captured and written very well. It's a delightful read. Available on Kindle..

Ranjani writes well. Glad she has taken the plunge and published two books and also started her publishing venture. More on that later.


Ranjani said...

Hi Hari - Thanks for the lovely review and endorsement. You have been my consistent supporter and mentor for the longest time.
I feel sheepish about taking so long to decide that writers need to publish in addition to writing :)

Harimohan said...

Glad you took the plunge. It reads very well. Do keep writing.