Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Weekend Cricket Lessons - The Indefatigable Baig Sir

This weekend was all about Baig sir. As he grows older I find that his energy is increasing, he spends more time at sessions. On Saturday, I reached the academy at 645 am, and it was pretty cold. Baig sir was already there at 625 apparently. He does not even travel by car - he rides his bike by himself. And then he took  the kids into a long drilling session where he showed them the drills of batting, bowling and fielding again and again. he has done this so many times and with such patience that I caught myself telling one of the parents that if I was in his place I would have done it twice and left it at that. I would have waited for the kids to show some progress. But Baig sir has this immense love for his wards that he teaches them the basics again and again, pointing out minor errors and asking them to repeat the drill. I left at 10 am because I was to meet my doctor and he was very much there - I sent some breakfast for him with Aditya and asked him to excuse me.
Pick up and throw!
On Sunday I was late again by his standards. I have given up all ideas of beating Baig saab to the academy. He was in rare form this day as well. Dealing with individuals and their batting, bowling and fielding, having a group session, chatting about their pluses and minuses. I spent time with my kids in the corner and we did some stuff about concentration which is something I am trying to teach them. Then he called everyone over and had a long long session. At 10 am I told Baig sir I will leave.
'No no,' he said. 'How can you leave? Why am I coming here? Wait.'
So I waited. Once again I asked at 1045 and once again got the same reply. It was only at 1130 when he was satisfied with the session did he wind up. The last 45 minutes he went over the basics again, standing in his usual style and not sitting on the chair provided for him. When I went he asked me to sit - I obviously did not. But watching him repeat the drills, the basics so late into the day, I was awestruck. Only if anyone truly loves what he is doing will have that amount of energy, patience.

I was glad I could watch him in action. Watch such rare passion in action. I left at 1130. I really don't know when he left. Indefatigable!

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