Wednesday, January 3, 2018

After a Sunrise, A Full Moon

It has been in the pipeline for sometime - to watch the full moon on a wintry night from Koni's place at Shamshabad. One thing led to another and I found the perfect foil and also the perfect time to meet Koni and fulfill this wish. It was not very cold and the moon was beautiful - it rose shyly from the eastern horizon and looked full and ripe - even the color added to that. Some kind of a full orange moon that hung in the sky. So much so that a cry escaped our lips.
Me in silhouette
The moon rose slowly and gracefully, from the background till it occupied the foreground and the entire sky. And during this time we listened to several songs - My Way, She's Always a Woman, Holiday, Fix You and some more.

A perfect couple of hours. Everything was just right!

That's two things done. 2018 is off to a bustling start.

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