Monday, January 29, 2018

The Sunday Cricket Lesssons - Sasi does 20% More

Sasi is a quiet, self effacing boy. He is gentle and perhaps carries his gentleness into a part of the game that needs one to be not-so-gentle - medium pace bowling. He puts in effort, is willing to learn, and simply loves the game.

So when I saw him bowling and feeling helpless at the batsman's domination over his gentle bowling, I called him over. 'Are you giving it your best?'I asked. He smiled and shook his head.
'How much?' I asked.
'60%,' he confessed.
'Can you, for the rest of the session, put in 20% more effort?' I asked.
He smiled.
'Yes,' he said.

Sasi was a different bowler after that. Beating the batsmen, getting edges, running deep into his follow through.

Somehow I felt he enjoyed this slightly more than giving the batsmen the edge with his gentleness.

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