Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 - The Year In Action

Not a bad year at all! A few records broken!

Books Read (80)
That's a new record!

Movies Watched (100)
Another new record!
Just hit 100 yesterday after watching 'The Wizard of Lies'!

People I met - books and otherwise
Y.B. Satyanarayana, Vyjayanthimala, Kapil Dev, Sonali Kulkarni, Sankalp Reddy, VVS Laxman, Purnima Nagaraj, Jayesh Ranjan, Gauri Dange, Baisali Chatterjee Dutt, Malavika Kapur, Amirullah Khan, Ankita Verma Dutta, Karan Anshuman, Ramseshan, Vasudev Murthy, Shatrujeetnath..

Interviews (7)
Anjali, Abhinay Renny, Srinivas Avasarala, Suman Mudoth, Reena Varghese, Jawwad patel, C.V. Anand

Talks (11)
Tirumala College of Engineering, IPE, Silver Oaks, TiE, Digital Nirvana, Pallavi Model School, Nephrologists Meet, Department of Dance, Gap Miners, Lycos, Techzeert

Workshops (10)
Weinerberger, Jasper, GSI, School of Management Studies, 24 Hour Mantra, Lycos, Techzert, Cricket and Life Skills at MLJaisimha Academy, Gap Miners 10x Performance, Session with VNR VJIET Students

Events Attended (8)
The Telangana Kite Festival, IPL 2017, Flamingoes Spotting at Sewri, Painting job at home - Anjali and me, The Free Book Stall at the Community Hall, TEDX VNR VJIET, Campus Concert Series at UoH, The Storyteller Initiative,

This Way Is Easier Dad (Book)
Article in Free Press Journal
Fortnightly Column in the HANS since July 2017 (10)
Blogs (460) - that is the second most number

Book launch events (5)
Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Sri Lanka (Colombo, climbed Sigiriya, Negombo) - a first, Kolkata (Belur Mutt, Kali ghat,Victoria Memorial, Oxford Bookstore), Bangalore (Metro ride), Mumbai (Sewri Flamingoes, Kitab Khana),
Pune (Pagdandi, Taljai, PILF), Delhi

Panel Discussions
Pune Literary Festival

New things
Juicing for health (good stuff, thanks Sagar), Tibetan Medicine (thanks Ranjan), Listening to The Hitchhiking Experiences of Abhinay
Cricket Workshop - Cricket and Life Skills
Cricket coaching at MLJ Academy
Metro rides!
Free bookstall at VNR VJIET - where they put up books on suggestions given by a lot of people and any invitee could walk in and pick up one book free. I had to ask them twice - I can just take it right? Lovely lovely idea!

Game changers
Shifting from credit card to debit card on a good friend's advice, a complete change in mindset for me
The Gratitude Workshop by Shobha which I am doing for the past 4 months and feel it puts me in better mental space
Zen and the Beginner's Mind, book gifted by Suresh which puts me in a great space
Inner Game of Tennis - book which gives a completely new angle to peak performance states

Gifts I Got
Bookshelf (Mythily), Schaeffer pens (Nalini, Silver Oaks), Books, Trips (Delhi, Mumbai)
Books (Suresh, Sagar, Shobha, Vinod, Raja, Abhinay), Journals, Parker pens, Bookmarkers, Gift voucher ofr 5K (Vinod), Clothes - T shirts, shirts etc (Anu), Perfume (Satish), Track suits/ Tshirts (Sunnie)

Gifts I Gave
Books (needs some improvement)
Anjali gave many of her books and toys to the orphanage

Loved Moh Moh ke Dhaage!
Otherwise, bleak!

Got to think some more..surely there are some more things!


Rajendra said...

That's a lot of action for one year!

Harimohan said...

Yes Raja. Now to vie with Akshay Kumar for the title of Action Hero!