Monday, January 29, 2018

The Magic of Thinking Big - David Schwarpf

Some thoughts and tips
1) Believe - Make it true in your mind, it triggers the power to do it confidently (disbelief is negative power). You are a thought factory with 60 k thoughts a day - are they leading you to triumph or defeat? You are better than what you think. Believe big. Plan for growth continuously.

2) Excuses / blame
Health (don't talk of health, don't worry, be grateful and use health)
Intelligence (do not underestimate your intelligence, stickability is the key to learning, knowledge is power so use it)
Age (too old, too young)
No luck (prepare, plan, invest in success thinking, don't imply wish, build mental muscle)

3) Build confidence
Fear is psychological. Action cures fear. Don't hesitate.
In your mental bank - Deposit positive thoughts. Withdraw negative thoughts.

To improve confidence
Be a front seater
Maintain eye contact
Walk 25% faster
Speak up
Smile big

Practice conscience driven action

4) How to think big
Think in images and pictures. Paint pictures with words.
Use words/phrases that produce big, positive mental images (big positive cheerful words, positive language to encourage)
See what you can be? How much are you worth? In 10 years?
Add value to things, people

To make a good speech, have something to say and feel a burning desire for others to hear about it

Quarrels - is it important, what is the big picture, are you in the triviality trap

Always stretch your vision / don't sell yourself short / You're bigger than you think, Your vocabulary speaks

5) How to think and dream creatively
Believe it can be done (your mind will find ways to do it)
Be receptive to ideas
Accept opportunities to do more
Listen - encourage others to talk. As questions. Concentrate. Write your ideas down.

6) You are what you think you are
We get what we think we deserve
Look important - You owe it to yourself. Your work is important
Pep talk with yourself

7) Manage your environment
Be with the flock that thinks right, psychological sunshine
Circulate in new groups, select friends with different views
Don't let small people hold you back

8) Make your attitudes your allies
Double your enthusiasm (dig deeper, find it)
Live it up (handshake, smile, voice, be alive)
Broadcast good news
Practice appreciation
Call people by names

When you help others feel important you feel important too

To make money - deliver quality service first
Give people more than they expect

9. Think right towards people
Success depends on the support of other people
Successful people follow a plan for liking people
Being likeable makes you easier to like
 Take the initiative in making friends - leaders do. The most important person present is the one person most active in introducing himself. Introduce yourself to others at every opportunity

Conversation generosity - Don't hog it all.
How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win. Don't waste time getting discouraged.

10. Get the action habit
Idea + Action = Reality
Decide - Act - Expect obstacles and handle them

Start mechanically - pick the one thing you like doing the least and do it
Do it now because conditions will never be perfect

11. How to turn defeat into victory
Face your faults. Study your setbacks.
Experiment. Adapt.
Find a way. Believe there is a way.

12. Use goals to help
Look at not where you are but where you want to get
Build image - 10 years from now - work, home, social

Success suicide
Self deprecation, Security-itis, Competition, Parental dictats, Family responsibility

30 day improvement guide
Break (putting off things, negative language, gossip, TV)
Acquire (appearance, plan each day the night before, compliment people)
Increase value (develop team, learn about job, help others become more effective, at home)
Sharpen value (2 hours daily, self help)
One step at a time, daily routines build muscle

13. How to think like a leader
Trade minds
Be human - What is the human way to handle this
Think and believe in progress
Take time out, confer with yourself, tap into your superior thinking power

The Lyndon Johnson way of dealing with people

  • Remember names
  • Be a comfortable person
  • Be relaxed, easy going, things do not ruffle you
  • Drop ego
  • Be interesting
  • Drop scratchy elements
  • Heal all misunderstandings
  • Like people generously
  • Congratulate / sympathise
  • Give spiritual strength

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