Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - To Succeed Be Prepared to Fail, To Fail Be Fixed On Success

Two words can define an entire lifetime - success and failure. Two sides of a coin. A coin that's flippable and not stuck on one side forever.

The paradox then.
To succeed one must be prepared to fail.
This is the learning mindset where one grows slowly and steadily, working meticulously to gain a larger understanding and acting on it. Every action will bring with it new learnings - or in other words failures - that can be improvised and practiced until we move on to the next. That's the only way to grow, to move ahead, to succeed, to enjoy life, to be in the moment, to experience life.

To fail ofcourse, the easiest way is to be fixed on success and to hold on to it. The idea of success, of knowing, of looking smart, of doing it right everytime or all the time, will keep one rooted in a limited space. It will not allow free flow of thought, it is based on fear of losing, it is built on maintaining what is. Growth is stagnated and it is the end of life.

To gain, be prepared to lose. To lose, hold on tightly to your gain.

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