Thursday, January 14, 2016

Anjali - Two Ways to Get Things Done

I was cribbing about someone not doing their job or something like that when I heard Anjali.
'Nanna, there are two types of people,' she said seriously.
'What types?' I asked.

'One type you have to shout at them and scold them and only then will they work. Another type is the type with whom you can be kind and they will work.'
I was pretty impressed. I didn't figure that out until I read Mike Brearley's 'Art of Captaincy' a few years ago.

'Ok. The first sort I know. They will take advantage of your kindness and not do any work. So you have to shout at them. But what about the second type. How can I get them to work?'

She seemed to know this - mostly from experience at the receiving end I guess.
'You must make them feel secure,' she said. 'With kind words. Then they will understand and do the work. If you shout at them they will not work.'

She seemed to have got that pretty firmly. I got a feeling that it was also about her experiences with me. So I decided to get some feedback.
'I know some people shout and some listen. What type am I?'

Surprising, because I thought the answer was easy. I am the listening, kind type!

I prodded more gently.
'Say out of 10 times, am I shouting more times or listening more times.'
'50-50,' was the answer.

Hmmm. Needs work.


Rajendra said...

ha, ha, ha, don't need a mirror!

Harimohan said...

Raja, I should have known when to shut up.