Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Narrow Margin - Movie Review

A 1990 movie starring the redoubtable Gene Hackman, 'Narrow Margin' is edge of the seat stuff. It starts with a bang - what looks like a harmless blind date develops into a cold blooded murder by the mob. The girl has witnessed the crime and has gone into hiding.

The police quickly find her finger prints and track her down thanks to an old college time minor offense. But when they put two and two together and find she is missing from the day of the murder they know she was there (confirmed by a loudmouth friend of hers). So Gene Hackman, who is investigating the case and is trying to nab the mafia boss, is desperate to find her and bring her back before someone bumps her off. He flies to a desolate cabin in Canada where she is hiding to bring her back. The mob starts attacking them from that point on. Hackman and the girl board a train and its a battle of wits after that.

Racy stuff. And the 1990s brings back memories of college days with those hairstyles and clothes. 

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