Thursday, January 21, 2016

Anjali - Don't Tell Us To Do It If You Cannot Do It

My sister and I were talking about role models and how children and even junior executives blindly copy the actions of the leaders or their role models.

Anjali, who was nearby, overheard us and piped in.

'Teacher tells us not to talk when we are eating. But she always talks to akka when she is eating lunch. It's not fair. How is it that she can talk when she is eating and we cannot?'

Yes. How is it?

'Maybe,' I tried. 'She is discussing important things with akka?'
'No,' said Anjali emphatically. 'She is not discussing important things. We can hear her. She discusses normal things just like we do.'

What we think we do and what we do are two different things it seems. We may feel that we behave in a particular way but we may only be talking about it - not practicing it.

Especially when we are in a position where we tell others how to behave, it makes a lot of sense for us to observe how they (the wards) behave. If their behavior is not to our satisfaction it means that we are only talking about it but not behaving accordingly.

Time to make adjustments.

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