Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 - What I Did

Writing - Wrote 421 blogs as against 427 last year. Published third book '50 Not Out'.

Places - This year was a big let down. Bangalore, Pune, Chennai. Orvakallu. Heritage Walks in Hyderabad.

Books - Read 54 books as against 50 last year. Cheated a bit with the Penguin Classics which are really small volumes.

Movies - Fell sharply from 91 last year to 70 movies this year. Not happy with the lot either. Would like to be more choosy next year.

Workshops - 2 leadership workshops at the end of the year that gave me much needed satisfaction, 4 cricket workshops, 1 for the MBAs at VJIM and at SMS, UoH. Talks at L&T Tech Services, Infosys, NHRD, VJIM.

Interviews - Dr. Madhuri Pai on Sujok which is a wonderful alternative treatment, Indian cricket team fielding coach R. Sridhar on cricket, Turab Lakdawala of Tempest on advertising and Rohini Hattangadi on acting. The last one is much cherished.

Music concerts - Ghulam Ali

Gifts - Books, Learnings, Affection

Workshops attended - Dancing with the dark by Shobha. Powerful. Passions again by Shobha.

Events - 50 Not Out events at Hyderabad and Bangalore, panelist at the non-fiction festival in Mumbai and Business Books festival at Bangalore.

Teaching - Arts Management to students of the Department of Dance, University of Hyderabad. Highly satisfactory.

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