Monday, January 18, 2016

Anjali - A Lesson in Manners

We had enlisted the support of Niveditha, Anjali's painting teacher (and friend) for Anjali's project. Niveditha kindly agreed to help.

I was ticking off things that the project work needed.
'Okay,' I told Anjali at the end. 'Let's tell aunty that we have all these. And then we can ask her what else she wants.'
Anjali was pensive.

'What?' I asked.

She pointed out gently.
'Maybe we could say 'what else do we need?' instead of asking her 'what else do you want?'' she said. 'It would be more kind and polite. It's our work.'

I got the subtle difference. I also did feel something like shame wash over me.
'Yes indeed,' I agreed and handed her my phone. 'Could you send her the message please?'
She typed in a clear, polite message in line with her thinking.

It's been a while since I felt like this. Last I remember was sometime in school. But I also wonder how much we take others for granted, and how much it reflects in our words and thoughts and surely actions.

Thanks Anjali for making me more aware.

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