Friday, January 8, 2016

Pure Gold for Spinners - An Interview with Prasanna and Ian Chappell by Ramnarayan

Fantastic stuff. For a spinner or a cricketer - pure gold.
Great interview Ramnarayan.

My highlights
Of most interest to me were discussions on how some spinners seem to have a 'string attached to the ball' or manage to impart the 'fizz'. The spinners deception is described as 'a flighted juicy half volley that never keeps its appointment'. Then, discussion turned into the blind spot of batsmen.

Prasanna talked about bowling into the breeze, the fish effect, and bowling when the breeze is at a 40 degree angle. Then come his views on how he allowed the ball to float in the air, the extra RPMs on the ball and their effect. The importance of arm speed was discussed - the arm is high and the ball always leaves the hand at the highest point.

Prasanna talks of how he always wanted batsmen to mistime - he aimed to hit the bat high or too low - never in the right spot.

As far as bowler's timing is concerned - transfer weight at the release of the ball, at the highest point. The key - your weight has to go into the ball!

Intuitively one must know where to bowl - if one wants to bowl at the off stump, the intent has to be there. Prasanna mentions how an off spinner must aim to bowl at the 4th stump.

Prasanna feels that the objective is to see that no batsmen middles the ball. He talks about how psychology goes into the game - make the batsman uncomfortable.

Prasanna always wanted to get the batsmen clean bowled - that was his intent. Prasanna also speaks of how the shoulder and the arm goes into the spin bowling. If the shoulder points one way, the ball will go that way. The shoulder is the guiding force.

He talks of how cricket is a side on game. How he swivelled as if he stubbed out a cigarette.

On the run up, he spoke of how one must gather pace, use the left foot for direction, pivot on the left toe and the force must drag you into the follow through.

Ian Chappell spoke of how he always played to win and how a good captain must understand the bowler's mind. To play spin he says, use feet, take singles.

Whoever thought cricket was an easy game to understand must read this. Superb stuff. Read it all.

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