Sunday, January 31, 2016

Singing in the Rain - Movie Review

Another classic off the list. It's easy to see why this movie was a classic. Crackling dialogue, strong characters, simple and straight-forward story that you will never forget and absolutely amazing dancing. Gene Kelly is a revelation in the song 'Singing in the Rain'. His friend Cosmo Brown is equally good - or better.

Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) is a movie star and is paired with a famous but manipulative and difficult actress Lina Lamont. In the meanwhile he meets a young girl, an aspiring theatre actor cum show dancer, Kathy, with whom he falls in love with. The movies are changing from the silent era to talkies and the studio and the stars realise they could become the laughing stock with their first attempt at making a talkie if they do not remedy the movie they have made. They come up with an idea - to have Kathy dub for Lina and make the movie into a musical. The idea and the movie works too. Lina tries her best to suppress Kathy and her relationship with Don but all's well and it ends well in the end.

Awesome dancing, simple storyline. You can't forget stories and emotions like that easily.

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